Rubberising a Trailer

Rubberising a trailer with EcoTuffSA’s superior protective polyurethane lining for the marine, industrial and automotive industries are a no-brainer.

Most trailer owners put there trailers to hard work, by loading heavy stuff, garden refuse, camping gear and other stuff. It will cause damage the paint work in the long run, and will make your investment looking very second-hand.

Spray-on rubberising from EcotuffSA  is made up of two chemical components. They form a hard protective lining, that after mixing, forms a water- and air-tight bond to the surface.

Your trailer is an investment and in most cases, and it is destined for a lot of hard work. We offer a durable long-lasting (permanent) protection against dents, tears, scratches, corrosion and rust.

There are two thickness applications to choose from. The standard 3mm and the heavy duty 5mm, and both come with a rough finish. Black is the most applied rubberising colour, but we can apply our trailer rubberising in almost any colour. All you need to do is to provide the Pantone colour code.

EcoTuffSA Linings are much more durable than the cheap DIY paint-on alternative you get these days.

Protect your investment with the best.

EcoTuffSA – Rubberising a trailer.