Rubberising a Roof

Rubberising a roof has one main goal and that is to protect against water leaks and keeping your belongings dry. 

EcoTuffSA polyurethane coating is superior and is made up of two chemicals that, when mixed properly, gives maximum protection against
South African weather conditions.

Rubberised roof waterproofing is one of our specialities.

Don’t wait till the rainy season is upon us. Your concrete flat roof needs to be completely dry before we can apply our polyurethane waterproof

We will remove all previous, damaged and brittle waterproofing materialbefore applying our waterproof coating.

EcoTuffSA offers a durable, long lasting solution to water leaks in concrete flat roofs.

Our waterproof coating can also be applied to metal flat roofs.

We can mix the coating with your desired rubberising colour. Just give is the  Pantone colour code and we will arrange your rubberising in colour of your choice.

February is the hottest month in Cape Town with an average temperature of 23°C and the coldest is June at 13°C with the most daily sunshine hour in December.

The wettest month in Cape Town is July with an average of 100mm of rain. The best month to swim in Cape Town sea’s is in February when the average sea temperature is 21°C

EcoTuffSA’s roof linings are tuff and made for South African conditions. It is a mix of two chemicals that form a hard protective coat which results
in an air- and water-tight bond to the surface.

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EcoTuffSA – Rubberising a Roof.