Bakkie Rubberising in Cape Town

Bakkie rubberising in Cape Town is one of our core services.

We can come to you (conditions apply) or we can apply our polyurethane lining to your bakkie at our partner’s rubberising workshop in Milnerton.

If you decide to have it done in the workshop, then our rubberising specialists will remove your bakkie accessories, like any roll bars, Canopies, Tonneau covers etc., before we begin to apply our polyurethane lining to your bakkie load bin.

We are proud of our work and provide high quality workmanship and therefore you can be assured that we will handle your vehicle as if it was our own!

Another factor to keep in mind is the cost of rubberising a bakkie will vary according to the area that needs to be covered, for instance,  rubberising a double cab bakkie will cost less than rubberising a sing cab bakkie,  because the load bin volume is smaller and also, rubberising a Hyundai 2700 workhorse, will cost more than a single cab bakkie.

The application thickness is another factor to keep in mind. Our polyurethane lining can be applied in standard 3mm or heavy duty 5mm thickness.

Standard 3mm is fine for most day-to-day use and 5mm is only necessary when carrying real heavy stuff on your bakkie/truck.

We have 3 different rubberising price categories for bakkie / commercial vehicles.

EcoTuffSA can also do spray-on rubberising in different colours! You just need to provide your Pantone colour code and we will take care of the rest.

Rubberising bakkies in Cape Town protects the load bin area against rust and corrosion. We prepare all vehicles prior to polyurethane application. The area needs to be clean and free of dust and also dry.

Our spray-on product will be touch dry in few minute and ready to use in 24 hour.

It generally takes about 4 to 5 hours to rubberise a bakkie in Cape Town.

Always contact us to get the latest accurate price for rubberising your vehicle.

Let us rubbersise a bakkie in Cape Town.